Shockwave Therapy for ED Video

Please take a look at our short informative video featuring our Consultant Nurse, Mrs Gayle Maffulli, explaining and demonstrating the procedure to one of our satisfied patients, David.  In turn, David describes his own review of shockwave therapy for ED.

The clinic is pleased to post our new video reviewing shockwave therapy for ED with a client. Previously we had resisted the idea because we were wary of the often negative impact paid celebrity endorsements can have. Also, we knew that most patients would quite naturally be reluctant to be filmed. Then along came David. Delighted with the results of his shockwave therapy, he kindly offered to appear in our video. He wasn’t motivated by money but by a wish to assist other men by shedding light on his own experience. This is something not many of us would have had the courage to do. Thank you, David.

As a type one diabetic for 30 years, most of them a young foolish diabetic, life caught up with me. Many side effects, including ED, started taking their toll on me. Yet I still ignored it, until the birth of my child.
I completely changed my lifestyle, I changed the way I ate, stopped drinking, took up exercise and yoga and completely transformed my life, and even reversed some of the damage I'd done previously. Including sciatic nerve problems, stress headaches and trigger finger to name but a few.
However, the ED issue was always there in the background, it's not life threatening, but it has a huge effect on your life, relationships and general confidence. Once it starts to effect you it's a downward spiral. I wouldn't entertain the idea of entering into a relationship, and came to the conclusion that something needed to change.
That's when I turned to The Harley Street Men's Clinic, they were professional, knowledgeable, discreet and gave great support.
Today I find myself six months into a healthy, sexually active relationship with a completely supportive partner, and that's the best result I could ever have wished for. The Clinic changed my life, and I'm truly grateful.

John in Wales

'Shock Wave' Treatment for ED -

I had gradually worsening ED symptoms since the end of 2014. My local GP suggested Viagra and Cialis which helped sometimes (not always when I wished it would) and it definitely wasn't the miracle fix that I always thought it might be. I had begun to think that maybe, this is it. I am in my early sixties. I have had an active sex life with my wife for over 40 years. Is this to be expected? The trouble was I still had the desire and It began to get me down. I felt like I was letting my wife down. She even questioned if I still desired her. We still had a sex life. I could still reach orgasm when aroused if not through penetration. We all know there are other ways but it's not the same.
I came across this treatment when browsing the internet and felt this was a chance to try something. I was given an appointment really quickly. My first appointment included a consultation with a doctor who explained lots of things and put my mind at ease. My wife came with me and was included in the conversations. I was given a lengthy questionnaire which both my wife and I answered between us. I felt my problem affected us both so it seemed natural for both of us to see this through together. I was surprised to be told I could start my first treatment session straight away.
Gayle Maffulli carried out the treatment. She showed me the equipment and explained a few things. After the initial embarrassment, on no occasion was I made to feel uncomfortable. The procedure lasts 20 minutes and is painless. I can only describe it as a pulsing sensation. My wife also came in with me where we all chatted happily and didn't feel awkward at all.
After the first session the one thing that felt different was my state of mind. I felt optimism for the first time in 18 months. After three sessions I was surprised to notice a vein on my penis that wasn't there before. I knew it helped with the blood flow but I definitely didn't expect visual proof!
I finished the six sessions last week and we are very, very pleased with the result. I do get hard erections after little stimulation. My penis appears thicker than before and I am not taking any Viagra. I have no idea how long this will last but I know I can always have more treatment if needed. I would encourage anyone who has the same problem to give this a try. Life's too short not to try new things.
We would like to thank Gayle and everyone at the Harley Street Men's clinic for putting the intimacy back into our marriage.

Brian from Brighton

In short the therapy does work, you will experience a huge boost to your sense of well-being and your relationship will benefit immeasurably, these whilst not quantifiable are priceless.
Thank you for involving me in this rewarding project.

Tony from London

The treatment is 99% pain free and is professionally and discretely undertaken. The treatment has worked for me. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to any man who has erectile dysfunction.

MB from London