More than 70% of doctors recommend Shockwave Therapy to improve erectile dysfunction

By 28th June 2017 January 17th, 2018 Shock Wave Therapy for ED
shockwave therapy for ed review - recommended treatment by doctors

We often wonder how many men who suffer from erectile problems, actually consult their GPs regarding the issue; and how many of those who do consult, actually get the answers that they are looking for, or are even offered an effective treatment? It seems that Erectile Dysfunction is often just another symptom that GPs have to deal with as the result of on-going and potentially life threatening conditions such as Diabetes or Heart Disease, so actually treating ED is given very low priority in the wider scheme of things.

It is inevitable that some Men suffering from this debilitating condition resort to alternatives, seeking help from wherever it can be found, and often ending up disappointed and out of pocket in the process, with little impact on their sex lives.

At Harley Street Men’s Clinic we are always keen to be at the forefront of Clinical Developments within Medical Urology, and while it is true that Medical Research hasn’t quite caught up with the anecdotal evidence, we are pleased to see that our Revolutionary Treatment the condition is definitely starting to earn the respect of professionals working within this field of medicine. This recent article confirms what we already know from our own experience – that Shockwave Therapy is an effective solution for many of our clients who suffer from Erectile Problems.

The CES for Sexual Medicine Conference was attended by Urology Consultants, Doctors and Sexual Health Professionals from all around the world and it seems that over 70% of them would recommend Shockwave Therapy as an effective way to improve erectile dysfunction and would happily refer patients for this therapy. The treatment is pain free, non-invasive and using ‘low acoustic’ sound waves to improve the blood flow to the penis, which helps to obtain and maintain a longer lasting erection. Unlike pills where the effects are only short term, Shockwave Therapy is longer lasting, treating the causes of the condition and not just the symptoms.

At Harley Street Mens Clinic, we facilitate Shockwave Therapy treatment in a discreet, professional and clinical environment, offering a more cost effective solution to the expensive ‘branded’ versions currently available in other clinics. We are always happy to discuss with patients whether this treatment is likely to be effective in individual cases and our professional approach will ensure that you are guided throughout the process and you are totally happy with the procedure during your initial consultation, before proceeding with treatment.

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